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Patient Testimonials


At Lavanda Home Health Care Agency, Inc., we take pride in offering our patients world-class care. We treat all of our cases with respect, privacy and with the utmost care. Lavanda has professional staffing including reliable home aides, knowledable 24-hour support and experienced nurses. Just look what our patients had to say about us:


“Thank you Lavanda for your support during my husband’s recovery.  Your nurses were all so kind, war and caring to my husband and to our family.  During these difficult times, I don’t know how I could have done it without you.  We are now enjoying our lives together and taking each day at a time.”
- Margaret H., North Hollywood, CA

“I would like to thank the entire staff at the Lavanda Home Health Agency for your services and support.  I was released from the hospital with the worry that I would not be able to care for myself.  But when I found the care I needed through Lavanda, the nurses and therapists really helped me to regain my life back.  I now can drive myself to and from my appointments and take my own medications with confidence.  Thank you again for your outstanding service.”
- Henry S., Burbank, CA

“My family and I searched for the right home health care for our mother.  W are very grateful to have Lavanda as part of our family now.  You have given our mother the same care we would have given her and she is very happy with your nurse.  Thank you for your care and understanding.  Lavanda Home Health Care really cares.”
- Shiela P., Los Angeles, CA